Dedham Pottery was produced by the Robertson family in Dedham, Massachusetts between 1896 and 1943.
(actually they made a similar product in Chelsea, MA between 1891 and 1895 called Chelsea Pottery U.S.)

For the last twenty-some years, the Starr family in West Concord, MA has been making quality Dedham Pottery-like reproductions. They may be contacted at 1-800-RABBITS or for information about retailers near you.

Also the Nashawaty family in Walpole, MA makes an attractive line of pottery inspired by Dedham Pottery. They may be contacted at the Nash Pottery at 1-508-668-2457.

To further confuse matters... the name Dedham Pottery and original trademark are now the property of the Dedham Historical Society. The Dedham Historical Society produces each year a limited number (300) of authorized reproductions of a rare piece in its collection. Please see the Dedham Historical Society's website for more information.